Kent Petanque Association

Pétanque in Kent is a much bigger sport than most people would imagine, with several different leagues in operation in the County.

Kent Pétanque League is, by some way, the largest pétanque league in the country.

Pétanque is a game which can be readily played successfully by young and old, men and women. Juniors, under the age of 18, play in many of the teams in the League and in this regard pétanque is a recreation which enjoys an almost unique family element in a competitive environment.

Our league season lasts from April through to September and matches are played on Wednesday nights with most clubs having a practice night, usually Tuesdays. Turning up on a league night will at least allow you to find out about joining the clubs.

In addition many Clubs run open competitions which normally take place on Sundays and details of some of those will be included in this website.

The majority of clubs operate from pubs, though there are several in Sports and Social Clubs also in the league.

The pétanque terrain (piste) is usually open to the public, on non-club nights, free of charge and in many clubs boules can be hired very cheaply for you to try out the sport.

The vast majority of clubs welcome new players and most will take time to teach newcomers the basics of the game.

Up and Coming Events/Competitions

Competition at gravesend this Sunday has been cancelled.


The AGM will be at Hartley Coutry Club on 21st November 2019 with an 8pm start.


Winter League 2019/20

There are 19 teams registered for the winter league, so the cup reliminary match will be on

23rd October 2019.

Hartley Finches v DoW Lancers
Railway Raptors v Lordwood Moldavians
The Sydney Arms v Hartley Sparrows

League fixtures will be online shortly.


16 June 1937 to 31 August 2019.

Funeral details are

18 September 2019 at 1.30 pm

Station Lane
East Cowes
PO32 6NJ
and afterwards at
‘The Breeze’, Island Harbour.

Family flowers only. Any donations to "Alzheimer’s Cafe Isle of Wight", c/o R & P Everson, Funeral Directors, Broadway, Totland Bay, PO39 0AS, please.

Mike passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon. He had a fall and broke his hip about 5 weeks ago. He had a successful partial hip operation, but the physios couldn’t get him to walk. He was eventually moved to a nursing home near to us, but lost a lot of weight, couldn’t eat or drink and eventually died in his sleep. His wife, Barbara, was there, which was a relief.

Mike was President of the very successful South East Region in the early to mid 80's. He was also one of the first qualified umpires in the country.

Mike also sat on the National Committee of the BPA (as it was back in the day) where he served as the National Treasurer.

Along with his team mates Mike represented GB at the 1977 World Championships after his team won the National Triples title earlier that year.

Mike played for a number of clubs in Kent including the Optimists, Wheatsheaf, Fleet, Lordswood, Old Sheaf and finally at the Meadow but he will mostly be remembered for his time at the Wheatsheaf that was one of the top 2 clubs in the country at the time. Mike left the South East a few years ago to spend his retirement on the Isle of Wight.

Our sincere condolences go out to his wife Barbara and family.

Inter Regional Squad 2019

Kent qualifying series 2019 final teams and managers for Inter Regional Championships  
Championship Player Player Player Player Manager
1 Matt Horrigan Dave Hurren Rowland Jones Richard Spillett
2 Tracy Spillett Jason White Scott Ashby Marcus Hickman
3 Steve Brown Gary Kelynack Jean Louis Guiot Jurgen van der Stuyft
4 Dean Ashby Geoff Booth Rob Booth

5 Luke Ashford Kevin Spillett Alex Spillett
Corinne Cooter
6 Jason Bradley Richard Wenban Melissa Rowley Alan Cregeen
7 Trevor Gordon Keith Atkinson Kevin Atkinson Martin Edwards
8 Kevin Robson Richard Baker Nick Hoile Peter Shillinglaw


9 Sheila King Barry Soilleux John Hines Brian King
10 Tim Edwins Becky Edwins Carolyn Edwins Duncan Brown Steve Golder
11 Howard Sandom Barbara Martin Jamie Finlay David Martin
12 Jason Fuller Barry Menzies Reg Dobson

Juniors Luke Thornton George Martin Sophie Rowley Callum Hickman Fay Golder

Additional opportunities Tegan Finlay Female Development Squad NYS

Finley Davies Eastern Region


We can now confirm that Josie Elvin's Funeral will take place on Tuesday 13 August at 12.00. the service will be at All Saint's Church, Hartley DA3 8 DY, followed by the burial.

Reception to celebrate Josie's life will follow at Hartley Country Club. Family flowers only. donations to Alzheimer's and Dementia Support Services In Northfleet.

HARTLEY COUNTRY CLUB PETANQUE SECTION regret to inform fellow Kent Petanque players that long time club member JOSIE ELVIN passed away suddenly on Thursday 25th July. Josie had been a member at Hartley for over 25 years and was a dependable, enthusiastic, and supportive Club member and team player, enjoying the full sporting and social activities of the Club. Josie was very likeable with friends not only at Hartley, but friends with many members of other Clubs throughout Kent. She will be remembered with affection.

JOSIE ELVIN 1936—2019

Pilot PC

Its with regret to inform you that the Pilot Petanque team has had to pull out of the league due to not being able to field a team due to injuries and other comitments, therefore we will pull the team and all scores from the league and recalculate.

A Sunday afternoon to remember.
Sunday 21st July 2019. Gravesend Rugby Football Club PC.
Round 4 of the 2019 Kent Regional Qualifiers.

For the two teams from the Kent Pétanque Association Junior Section the morning had been slow with some good play but not the great play we have seen lately. Stand in Manager Ray had a little team talk at lunch time and told the Boulefighters to show more commitment and belief adding to Sophie he wanted to see the devil in her.
Ayjay just told the Bouldozers (our younger Team) to carry on the same .
What a difference in a lunch break .The Boufighters came out and Fannied the Hartley Ladies and then had an exciting encounter with the Hartley Men loosing 12 13.
This was followed with a well deserved demolition of The Bat and Ball team.
Not to be outdone our young guns the Boulfighters showed what they were made of and left Ben Littlley`s Villager team to be remembered as the first victory for Tegan,Finley and Ethan a team with an average age of 10.
The future is looking bright for Kent and our juniors so if you have someone in mind contact Ray Keemer- Richards 0n 01634 727387. The more youngsters we can get together the better.

A little 'story' about the "2019 Kent Junior Teams" this Sunday gone:-

They really did you proud Janice.

For I was amazed at the affect they had on the event throughout the day, also I consider they all did extremely well from the youngest to the oldest. All the adult teams really knew the '2019 Junior' teams were present (in their new team strip), due to their obvious enthusiasm & determination to do as well as they could regardless.

Their play, tactics & working together in their triples, the behaviour, knowledge of the rules & the courtesies of the sport was amazing in my view & outstanding. Even seeing those of your triple taking over the pointing & shooting tactics on several occasions was a delight to see & hear .

I was impressed to see them perform against the adult teams, not having seen any such cohesion & boule play from any previous junior squads of recent years.

As they stood out so much I did take a few photos of them all, which you will see.


Jack Milner

Junior Report

We would like to begin by saying how very proud we are of our little bunch of juniors, which includes Luke Thornton, Sophie Rowley,Finley Davies, Tegan Finley, Zac Finley, George Martin, Callum Hickman, Jessica Hickman and Ethan Hickman. They have all taken part in the NYS training sessions at various locations, and the feedback received shows they have good skills and knowledge of the game. Considering their educational commitments, they have shown total commitment to the game of pétanque. Luke and Callum are in the NYS B Squad and Sophie is in the Female Development Squad, also part of the B Squad. Being in the NYS Squad is a commitment in itself. The home training is quite rigorous and takes quite a bit of time to complete and has to be in by a certain time scale, and is very frowned upon if late.
We are also proud to report that Sophie and Luke have been chosen to attend a training camp in Slovakia in August, an opportunity not often extended to the B Squad, so very well done to them!
To gain experience, they are playing as many competitions as possible. The most recent played was the Regional Qualifier, where the Boulefighters’ and the Bouledozers’ behaviour was exemplary, and their pétanque skills very promising, one team winning 2 games, scoring 4 points and sitting in 19th position on the table.
The latest competition is this weekend at Gravesend. Luke and Callum, and Sophie and George have teamed up and, unbeknowing to them, they could possibly be playing against the most top world class players in the game! What an experience that will be for them!
The Saturday practises still continue, and many of the Juniors always try and turn up, especially Luke – he never fails! This Saturday should be a practise, but instead, The Villager have a party of 40+ French players arriving to play a competition, and Sophie, Luke and George are taking part. This is just another sign of their eagerness to learn and gain experience!

Paul Reilly

Of Meadow PC sadly passed away on Tuesday 14th May 2019, aged 62 years. He will be deeply missed by his loving wife Miriam, his family and many friends. Flowers may be sent to John Weir Funeral Directors, Rainham, Kent by 1pm on the day or donations in Paul’s memory for 'British Heart Foundation' may be made online. Please feel free to upload any memories or photos you may have of Paul to the Kent Pétanque Facebook group.

The funeral will be held on June 4th, 4pm at:

Garden of England Crematorium, Sheppey Way, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 8GZ.

Morton Almond

6 June 1934 - 18 April 2019
The funeral will be on Monday 13 May, 11.30 at Medway crematorium.
Morton was a legend. Everything he did in life he succeeded at especially playing petanque.
It all started whilst running The Wheatsheef PH in Chatham from the late 60’s.
One day a customer came into his pub and told him about a game he saw being played in France.
He was very proud of winning the first Jersey Open with Bruno Bove on 14 May 1988.
He won countless other competitions with friends like Steve Golder, Dave Turner, John Saguato, Charlie Shrimpton, Colin Mears. I know there are many more but unfortunately I never knew him in the early years. I didn’t know him until I became his captain in 2014/15.
He will be remembered for wearing his lucky cowboy hat. According to a newspaper cutting which he gave me, he lost it in 2002 after 20 years so he had to buy a new lucky hat.
RIP Morton

Monday 13 May at 11.30 Medway Crematorium

The charity Dementia UK has been chosen by Morton's family if anyone would like to donate in his memory and the wake will be held at Lordswood Sports and Social Club, North Dane Way.

Incentive scheme for the Kent Regional Qualifiers 2019

Attached are the final details of an incentive scheme which will give players of all abilities the opportunity to earn credits at each Kent regional qualifier. As the scheme will include teams who finish in the top 14, teams will be rewarded who do not qualify to represent Kent sustaining interest across all 5 Qualifiers. These teams will receive their financial reward at the Chairman's Cup. The earned enhanced subsidy for accommodation will be reflected in invoices issued to teams after the final Regional Qualifier on August 4 2019. Using the bursary from the KPA Triples to part fund the scheme also means potentially 30+ teams can benefit from this funding rather than just 2 teams.

As this is a new scheme it will be monitored and reviewed by the Management Committee.

With thanks to Mike Cubitt for working to develop and finalise the scheme.

Carolyn Edwins
Chair, Playing Committee

Incentive Scheme Detail

Staplehurst PC

Are seeking new members to join their club.

Lost Boule - Have you got a matching set?
Please check yours.
We are looking for a lost boule JB boule B13 (720)
We have a JB boule serial number 125 or i25

Contact Cheryl Curd

KPA Qualifiers

On Monday 28th January, Pétanque England published a new calendar. This had a national ranking event on 16th June, which was previously free and we had used for a Kent regional qualifier. After due consideration and in consultation with the playing committee and KPA officers, it was agreed it was unfair to have a clash between a Kent qualifier and a national ranking event.

Therefore we can now confirm the 5 dates of the Kent regional qualifiers will be:

Sunday 19th May - Hartley
Sunday 23rd June - Lordswood
Sunday 7th July - GRFC
Sunday 21st July - GRFC
Sunday 4th August - Meadow

2019 Calendar

The 2019 KPA Playing Calendar was agreed at the Management Committee meeting tonight January 24.

It has been very challenging to bring together this document given that Petanque England already had events on 7 Sundays compared to 4 in 2018. This does not include Easter Sunday.

The Playing Committee did not want to set up clashes for Espoirs, Euro Cup players and those who will participate in national ranking events.

This explains why Regional Qualifiers are starting later ( but hopefully the weather will be better!) and April looks sparse.

Lee Jamieson

It is with the greatest sadness that I have to report that one of the log standing members of our sport, Lee Jamieson, has passed away unexpectedly.

Lee had been a major force for many years, playing in countless competitions around the county, country and beyond, frequently with his wife, Angie and son Ashley.

He had played in and for Kent for a number of years.

Our thoughts are with the whole family at this sad time.


New Ash Green are looking for players please contact


KPA Winter League 2018/19 details click here, please let know if there are any issues.



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